So Who is a Beer Drinker?

Do these statements apply to you? * You like to chill and you know exactly how to. * You don't want to experience intoxicated falls, though you learnt that the hard way after consuming a whole beer tower on your own. * Just like your favourite beverage, you have the capacity to be really intense, but it takes a couple of hours or a few dozen pints, for that affect to come across. Or it might just be the uncontrollable urge to pee that makes you look intense. * You are totally uncomplicated and not worried how old the scotch is. It’s an easy decision for you. The message is the same – I’m just hanging out. * You don’t want to get drunk. You just want to sit and talk with friends and not end up with a headache in the morning. The type of beer can also be important. If you find more than one statement applies to you then you are a simple, casual, laid-back, easy going, down to earth, and low maintenance type of person that enjoys having fun. You are down to earth, nice types who are just out to relax and have a good time. They like sports and outdoor concerts, and the occasional discussions about the state of the world.

So what’s your brew of choice?

Domestic Beer is your run of the mill boring, unsophisticated beer. It is what most people grew up with at home and in college. It’s a symbolic beer that represents parties and family barbecues. It’s what your dad drank when he first introduced you to beer — there’s something familiar, and yet boring about it. Those who drink it want to perhaps seem down-to-earth, low maintenance, or very casual. You’re sensible, grounded, and practical. You’re generally middle-of-the-road in your politics. You’re impulsive and quick to take risks. You’re respectful of authority, accepting of most people, and generally easy to get along with. Craft / Imported Beer is a step above domestic beer, imported beer gives off a hint of sophistication, while still seeming down to earth and casual. The lower alcohol content of beer and its malty taste adds to its relaxing and calming feelings. Thus it becomes a drink of choice for those who want to take it easy at night. If you love craft / imported beer then you’re more likely to be outgoing and extroverted. You’re intellectually curious and open-minded, and you’re interested in new and varied experiences. Guinness or Stouts (dark Irish beer) are for the hardcore beer enthusiast who is no nonsense and no frills. This beer is very low in calories even though it looks heavy. Actually has fewer calories than skim milk.

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